First Amendment motion in Dead Sea Scrolls case

December 3, 2009

New motions filed in Dead Sea Scrolls case

To read these motions (or “memoranda”), click on these links:

Dead Sea Scrolls Controversy Motion

Email and Access Motion

They are pdf files.

The “Dead Sea Scrolls Controversy” motion (or, as it is technically called “Franks” motion), will be of particular interest to anyone concerned with the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls controversy, as well as with legal issues involving the credibility of informants and search warrant affidavits, the reliability of “gmail” and “yahoo” email addresses, and on-line anonymity.

The “Email and Access” motion, discussing claims of on-line “harassment,” will be of interest to anyone concerned with the legal definition of harassment in New York, First Amendment issues connected with emails, the difference between criminal and civil cases, and the so-called “unauthorized” use of a computer (as in the Drew/MySpace case).

The motions/memoranda are public documents.


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